NCRCD - Beneficial Insects

Topic:  Beneficial Insects - How to Attract Them to Your GardenGreen_Lacewing.jpg
Date:  Thursday, June 20, 2019
Time:  6 pm to 8 pm
Speaker:  Bonnie Bradt
Bonnie (a UCCE Master Gardener with degrees from U.C. Davis in Zoology and Entomology) and Mother Nature want to make your job as a gardener as easy as possible; but you have to help.  By interspersing certain plants in the problem-pest areas in your garden, you'll attract beneficial insects whose diet includes the pests that are ravaging your garden plants.  Bees, ladybugs, and nematodes are friends, not enemies, of your garden - but these beneficial insects do not live on aphids alone. They need other natural sources of food and shelter for their entire life cycle before they can call your backyard a permanent home.  

Learn which plants are "Welcome Mat" plants and which beneficial insects they attract.