Community Shaded Fuelbreak Project

The NCRCD received a grant to complete the remaining 30% of the Nevada County Community Shaded Fuelbreak.  This was a collaboration of local organizations, communities, government, and fire agency partners.  Begun in 2004 to add additional fire protection to the communities of Cascade Shores, Scotts Flat Lake area and the cities of Grass Valley and Nevada City, the fuelbreak encompassed 3,000 acreas and over 15 miles of strategic ridge-top property.

This project area was chosen because of the abundant fuels accumulation (over 60 year's worth) and was located in a high fire severity zone.  As a public water source, Scotts Flat Lake received added protection from the fuelbreak with the reduction of potentially hazardous fuel loads that would impact the area in the event of a catastrophic fire.  The potential for serious soil erosion along with compromised water quality after a major fire was also reduced with this fuelbreak project.  The project area lies north, south, and immediately east of Scotts Flat Reservoir. 

The project was voluntary and had flexible practices for a shaded fuel break while educating landowners on Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for their land.

Coordination of land treatments was developed in cooperation with and assistance from CalFireNatural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), the Tahoe National Forest (TNF), the USDA Forest ServiceBureau of Land Management (BLM), the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County (FSCNC), the Nevada Irrigation District (NID), and many, many private landowners.  This project was completed in September of 2011.