Nevada County has a long and rich agricultural history dating back many generations.  Since the mid 1800s, settlers cultivated crops and raised livestock in Nevada County providing fresh produce, stock, poultry, and dairy products to local residents and throughout California.  Our documentaries focus on farming and ranching in Nevada County with an eye towards where your food comes from, the preservation of open space, and local sustainability of agricultural land.  Both DVDs are available for purchase on our website and at our office.

WorkingLands_DVD_COVER.pngWorking Lands Volume I - A History of Agriculture in Nevada County This documentary was first shown on PBS in late 2016.  It showcases the stories of twelve local families who still ranch and farm on the same land as their grandparents and great-grandparents.  It shows the struggles and joys of taking care of the lands that feed us and what well-managed lands can look like.  This heartwarming documentary continues to be shown on PBS KVIE Channel 6.  Click here to view the trailer.

cover.jpgWorking Lands Volume II - Farming and Ranching in Nevada County - This just released documentary follows 10 agriculturists as they incorporate their sense of understanding the land into the local community while enhancing and managing the natural resources of the land.  Join us as we explore the economic viability, legacy, and shared passion for small-scale agriculture as told by the people who live it every day in Nevada County.  Look for it on PBS KVIE Channel 6 in 2018!  Click here to view the trailer.

These DVDs are available for purchase to the public.  The cost is $18.50 + tax and shipping.  Click here to go to the Merchandise page to purchase with a credit card and have it shipped to your door or stop by our office to purchase via cash, check, or credit card.