Advisory Visit Program

The Nevada County Resource Conservation District has a Natural Resources Advisory Visit Program that offers Nevada County landowners personalized assistance with natural resources management on their property.  This program provides general guidance and information in addition to facilitating referrals to other public and private resource professionals at no cost to the landowner.

For more information, drop by our office or give us a call.  Click here to fill in the Request for Assistance form online

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Some examples of the technical services, information, assistance, and assessments we offer are:

•  Soils information
•  Erosion control
•  Drainage issues
•  Rural road maintenance
•  Pond management
•  Pasture management
•  Rangeland management


•  Forest health management
•  Livestock water development
•  Cross fencing
•  Soil nutrient management
•  Wildlife habitat improvement
•  Pest management
•  Watershed issues






Advisory site visits are for informational purposes only.  The NCRCD does not guarantee the results of any recommendations made during or following a visit.  Landowners are encouraged to verify findings for themselves prior to implementing recommendations.