Land Health Assessment

The Land Health Assessment is a collaborative project for increasing soil water retention in California’s foothill watersheds.  One of the goals is to enhance ranching productivity and habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife in California.

Established by Point Blue Conservation Science, a team of wildlife biologists works hand-in-hand with ranchers to promote practices that are good for both producers and wildlife.  Over the next five years, Point Blue intends to enhance 1.1 million acres of California’s grazing lands.

The assessment of the rangeland would include:

  • potential for intensive rotational grazing
  • soil condition
  • water holding capacity of the soil
  • assessment of perennials
  • crop yields
  • bird survey and wildlife habitat assessment

The NCRCD promotes this project and offers assistance to ranchers in connecting with Point Blue.  Contact us for more information or click here to submit a request form.