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The purpose of the Advisory Visit Program is to provide contact with landowners who are interested in natural resources management on their property.


We have documents, information, and links to other webistes that can help minimize the negative long-term impacts to your livestock and land that result from the lack of water.


Fire suppression, in combination with other human-caused environmental changes, has resulted in unforeseen consequences for our natural ecosystems.


This program is a resource for the coummunity seeking a nearby source for fresh fertilizer.  Whether you have it or want it, it's a great way to recycle local natural resources!

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Welcome to the Nevada County Resource Conservation District's (NCRCD) website.  Within the pages of this site you will find answers to your questions, seminars to attend, links to more information, and people to contact when reading about it just isn’t enough.

So, what are your resource concerns?  Controlling invasive plants and weeds? Wildlife habitat improvement?  Vegetation management on your property?  Forest health and tree diseases?  We can help you with all these things and more

The NCRCD offers conservation seminars and workshops throughout the year on conservation issues important to Nevada County and western Sierra County landowners.  We sponsor educational and outreach events, participate in 'Ag-Sperience' at the Nevada County Fair, host the Native Plant & Seedling Give-Away each year, sponsor local students to attend Range Campand sponsor the Speak-Off Contest for our local high school students.  


Our office also has great planning tools (such as soil surveys) and other information that can help you determine if your property can accommodate your planned uses.  We recognize the value of grazing to reduce fire hazard and to promote and maintain plant and wildlife diversity and have an equipment loan program where landowners can borrow hand tools such as a soil sampler, weed wrench, pond rake, and a seed/fertilizer spreader.

The NCRCD is here to help with all your land management needs.  Call, e-mail, or stop by for more information.


 Meetings, Events, and Seminars

   April 9th, 2015

   April 14th, 2015

   April 22nd, 2015

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